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Sausage extruder

Sausage extruder
Sausage extruderSausage extruderSausage extruderSausage extruderSausage extruderSausage extruder

Sausage extruder's capiticy 15-20 kg of dough.

Our extruder are built from 304 grade Stainless steel and auger is made from PE1000 food grade plastic. The extruder is suitable for human grade products. It has speed regulation, and auger is free float design to push out maximum dough. Extruder top mixer and compressor part drive with same motor as for auger and electricity consumption is minimal if matched to competitors.... Thanks to our Torque boost technology, our brand motor and gear box system it only needs 1200watt max to operate.

Weight ~100 kg. Dimensions:  ~ 800 x 500 x 800 mm

The order will be made and dispatched in about 3-8 weeks time. It depends how many orders we have queued.

Video - how it works.

Price without VAT 2500 / 2700 / 2900 €

Plus delivery!

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Price: 3000 €