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Liam Beales, 16-03-2024
Hi I'm looking at the automated version, are you selling the extruder on the YouTube video, auger style feeder for the dough gun ?
Patryk, 09-02-2024
Witam, kupiłem wasza Maszyne z silnikiem w Polsce w sklepie Rockword.pl Niestety rowki wałków nie sa idealnie w osi i nie wychodza idealnie okragle kulki. Czy da sie samemu jakoś poprawic pozycje wałka ?
Cześć Patryk, dziękuję za Twój e-mail. Tak, możesz to naprawić w domu. Wystarczy zdjąć górną część maszyny (6 małych śrub) i nacisnąć jeden lub drugi górny róg maszyny. Twoim zadaniem jest ustawienie kanałów w dolnej części maszyny. Gdy będziesz zadowolony z kanałów, po prostu przymocuj górną pokrywę z powrotem do maszyny.
Shashikant , 05-01-2024
We want to purches a machine for that pl convey your deler in India or send a contact numbers
Hi Shashikant, thanks for your message. We don't have a dealer in India. So, you can buy what you want straight from our website.
Vishru, 01-01-2024
Hi, I am looking for machine that will cut 8mm rounds. Which one should i buy? Are you shipping to India? How the repair support will be if shipping country is India
Hi Vishru, thanks for your message. Smallest size of our BoilieRoller machines is 10mm. We ship them to India too. Not much what is to repair here. Actually our equipment beaks so rarely. So, every incident we resolve individually.
Vivian, 12-02-2023
Hola. Quiero hacer boilies de 24mm de POLLO (alimentos) es una masa de pollo mezclado con un tipo de "mayonesa". La masa es suave. Estoy en COLOMBIA y me gustaría una asesoria para elegir la mejor opción para mi empresa y hacer la compra. Como puedo contactar un asesor?. Gracias
Hi Vivian, thanks for your message. For 24mm balls you can have two options. It is 24mm BoilieRoller machine or 24mm Wonder Roller machine. You have to decide which machine is better to you yourself. Because just you know consistence of your dough. Soft dough can roll both machines but if your dough is too soft or too sticky,- will be problems. So, take a look at our videos and decide which machine is better to you.
Ravi ST, 21-01-2023
Hi Eddie, I would like to make human food grade spice as well as chocolate boilies so as per the comments you have the machine for making food grade boilies also.. Since all the videos contain dough made with Eggs. Is it possible to make boilies without eggs. As I went thorough the comments you said that you have sent machines to India as well. It is absurd to ask but can you share the buyer's information so that we can see the machine and then choose the model to purchase from you. Waiting for your response. Thanks and Regards, Ravi ST
Hi Ravi, thanks for your questions. We send our products to India too. Eggs we using for boilies. It is food for fish. This dough is different than chocolate dough. Boilies dough is softer. If you dough is like chocolate or dough for energy balls you need Wonder Roller machine. Also dough gun to make sausages too. Both our machines is made from human food grade materials. So, here is is no problems.
Vasiliy, 04-01-2023
Hi? do you still ship to Ukraine?? Thanks
Hi Vasiliy, I'm not sure FedEx or an other shipping companies doing it. I will ask.
Handi, 29-11-2022
Hello, I'm handi from Indonesia, previously I've bought the 10mm and 14mm sizes, can I order the 12mm size? If so, how long does the ordering process take? Thank you
Hi Handi, unfortunately no. All sizes is fixed. Smallest our machine's size is 10mm. The next is 14mm. Sorry.
Aquiles, 30-09-2022
hola buenas tardes he visto su maquina y me gusta mucho, tengo la idea y me gustaria usar su maquina para la fabricacion de bolas de chocolate con manjar (dulce de leche) aca en chile se llaman trufas me gustaria confirmar si la maquina sirve para mi producto ? somos una pyme y trabajamos desde casa, saludos y gracias de ante mano
Hi Aquiles, thanks for your questions. Looks like to roll truffles is possible if they are not too sticky. Take a look at dough in our videos and if your dough is similar to our will be big possibility it will be rolled. You have to decide yourself.
Amine, 21-09-2022
Hi, please, did this roller had already been tested with other kind of dough (specially, a softer dough).
Hi Amine, if this softer dough is rollabale at all Wonder Roller will roll it. BoilieRoller possible will roll but possible will not.
Amine, 01-09-2022
Hi, can you delivery it to Algerie (it's not on the country list) And if t's possible, how long the delivery will take.
Hi Amine, yes, we ship to Algeria too. Just choose your country not in the list and in comment write your country. Shipping can take about 2 weeks if no delay in your country custom.
Handi, 14-08-2022
Hello, I'm handi from Indonesia. Is there a diameter of 13mm? Can it be sent to Indonesia?
Hi Handi, we send everywhere. Machines sizes 10, 14, 18, 20 and 24 mm size. You can buy 14mm machine and to use bit smaller sausage so you will get bit smaller than 14mm balls.
Mya Nguyen, 25-04-2022
Hi my order #1145, do you know when I will receive my machine? I ordered 4/25/22. Thank u.
Hi Mya, departure of your order in one - two days. You will get an email from FedEx.
Marios Deligiannis, 04-04-2022
Greetings from Greece. I am interested in the Boillie Roller MAXI SET as I am a producer of energy balls and I would like to produce ENERGY BALLS with your machinery. Do I just order it ( add to cart ) or do I have to do anything else? Looking forward to your response..Thank you !
Hi Marios, thanks for your question. BoilieRoller machine will not roll energy ball dough. You need Wonder Roller. Yes, you add what you want to your shopping cart, buy it and make payment. Then we preparing your order and send out to your address.
Max, 19-03-2022
Hi there i am using the 200mm machine automatic but my roll is not in a straight line with the back plate is it possible to set this back in a straight line by myself? Kind regards,
Hi Max, first place where back board has to be in one line with roll is bottom where got out ready boilies. If bit not in the line top it is not so important. Important is bottom.
Michael, 18-03-2022
Hi, as you do not sell changeable rolls, when I buy a automated 20mm machine with cutter and a manual 14mm machine, can the motor and the cutter be fitted on the manual machine to make it automated?
Yes :)
Kaloyan, 30-01-2022
Hello, can I order a manual machine with a 14 mm shaft and an additional 20 mm shaft.
Hi Kaloyan, insides of machines is not changeable. You have to order two different size manual machines.
John, 19-01-2022
Hi to all looking to get one of the boilieroller in 18 mm no motor....can I get a price with post to Australia .thanks john
Hi John, just put what you want to your shopping cart and in there choose your country. Then you will see total price including shipping.
Jakob, 09-01-2022
Hi. Is there any news about motor when is it back en stock ?
Hi Jakob, motors coming from China and now all week is stuck in Greece. I don't know why. But by tracking they are in Piraeus container terminal. If they will move we will get them in about a week time.
Dave, 19-12-2021
Just order’d a roller. But I’m wondering how long it wil take to deliver To the Netherlands.
Hi Dave, shipping will take just few days.
Muhammet Yıldırım, 15-12-2021
Are your products food grade?
Yes Muhammet, just don't have any certificates because we doing them to produce food for fish. But all working parts is made from food grade materials.
Bakhril, 12-12-2021
Is it possible to make boilie sizes of 3mm, 6mm and 9mm?
Hi Bakhril, unfortunately no. 10mm is the smallest size.
Tomáš , 07-12-2021
Hi Eddie, what's the maximum bar for a pneumatic dough gun? I have a 6 bar compressor. Will that be enough or should I buy 8 bar? How long does transport to the Czech Republic take? thank you for answer
Hi Tomáš, 6 bar compressor have to enough. Shipping from us to CZ about 5 days.
Bjorn, 23-10-2021
Do you still sell the Cool Bivvy Heater? With kind regards,
Hi Bjorn, no more. This product was too expensive for people and not enough popular.
Saidali, 24-07-2021
Thanks for the answer. To begin with, I will order a manual Boilie roller. Order in how many days it will get to Uzbekistan
Hi Saidali, difficult to say exact but I think about couple weeks.
Saidali, 20-07-2021
Hello, how many kilograms per day can this equipment produce. thanks in advance for your answer
Hi Saidali, depends you will work with manual machine or with automated. Also depends what size boilies you will produce. With manual can produce around 50kg boilies in a day. Automated set 200-300kg in a day.
Emma, 29-04-2021
Hi looking to buy one of your machines for 16mm boilies how long would it take to receive it and the price is over £2000 wot does it come with?
Hi Emma, unfortunately we don't produce 16mm BoilieRoller right now. We planning to do them just in the future.
Dirk, 01-04-2021
Ordered my boilie roller last week, delivered yesterday. When asking for information, a friendly and quick answer. TOP SERVICE. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality! Didn't imagine it would be such a beautiful device. Saturday = test day, I'm looking forward to it :-)
Thanks for nice words Dirk :)
Zbyněk, 14-03-2021
what do you have in what version mm? Defective bait equipment is for sale. Defects are just some scratches, other holes, bad colors or similar defects that have no effect on the boilie machine or other Thank you
Hi Zbyněk, we just sometimes have some defective stuff in stock. Yes. There is just scratches or something like this on defective stuff. At the moment out of stock defective equipment.
Jeremy , 05-03-2021
Hi, is it possible to order one that will roll 30 mm Diameter balls ? Thanks
Hi Jeremy, our max size is 24mm. For 30mm you can contact to Boilie Lab guys.
Mani , 05-03-2021
Hi, Does the products shown are inclusive of pneumatic compressor, which is used to run pneumatic dough gun. I would like to know the specifications of compressor/Pump. It will be helpful for me know the suitability of my requirement. Thanks in advance.
Hi Mani, you can use regular 8 bar compressor with minimal size air tank.
Ayush kachi, 23-02-2021
How can I order this machine sir
Hi Ayush, just go to our website and buy what you want. https://www.boilieroller.com/products.html 
Samir Tamboli, 04-02-2021
Sir I want buy this machine for milk sweet ball, can you deliver this one in Indian .Please contact me 93713927**
Hi Samir, of course we can :) Just buy what you want and everything will be delivered :)
Akshay , 20-01-2021
Can you sell this machine in India Please reply me asap
Hi Akshay, thanks for your message. Of course we send to India too. Even couple days ago one order was sent out to India :)
Tim, 18-01-2021
Hi thinking of purchasing a boiling roller do you do the formers separately so you can make different size boilies with out buying a whole new machine
Hi Tim, thanks for your question. BoilieRoller's insides is not changeable. An other size means an other machine. Too many problems with lining and whole set up of machine when customer have possibility to change insides at home. By the way price of machine will rise few times if will be made with changeable rolls.
Luka, 03-12-2020
hello. I'm starting to work on the Pneumatic dough gun, is it necessary to lubricate the piston ?? thanks for the answer. Best regards
Hi Luka, it is not necessary but if you want you can grease inside of tube with some hemp or nuts oil if your dough doesn't has it inside.
David wills, 27-11-2020
Just purchased my 3rd machine from Eddie at Boilie Roller.Great guy to deal with excellent service from order to delivery thanks for such a great service and product Eddie . Happy customer Dave
Dave, thanks for nice words :) We also very happy :)
Robert , 08-10-2020
Hi I want to buy Elktrocutter ... Price to Send for Germany?
Luca , 05-07-2020
Hello, we are a fresh bait company from Spain. We roll 100 to 150 kg of carp boilies per week. You think the Automated boilie Lab 3 rolls system (2200€) is a good choice?Thank you beforhand.
Thanks Luca for your question. Yes. This set easy can produce this quantity of boilies.
yohan, 16-06-2020
bonjour faite vous des rouleaux supplémenter pour avoir une machine pour 2 ou 3 diamètre différent merci
Thanks for your question Yohan. Insides of BoilieRoller machines is not changeable. If you want to produce few sizes boilies you need to use few sizes machines.
Rio, 02-03-2020
Hi Eddie I am looking for the smallest unit possible to roll food energy and protein balls at my home kitchen, can you please advise which one of these products will be most suitable?
Hi Rio, thanks for your message. Of course the best for this dough is Boilie Lab PRO/Expert FoodRollers. But if I correct understand this stuff is too expensive to use at home for yourself. By price the best of course is BoilieRoller. Materials which is used to produce machine is human food grade. But the type of machine can be not good to produce protein balls. Most of this type of dough BoilieRoller not rolling. But some guys did some changes in their dough consistence and successfully rolling this type of dough. So, please watch carefully our videos in our youtube channel where we showing the dough which we using to roll using BoilieRoller and if you think you can get your dough consistence similar like ours you can risk to buy manual BoilieRoller and to try. If you will not reach success you just will sell machine to some carp angler. If you will reach success you will be lucky man :D . Regards Eddie
Junior, 31-01-2020
Dear, I would like to make ball fruit dry, do you know if it is possible ? However, is it possible send my product to you to make test with my product ? Best regards !
Hi Junior, you have to try to use boilie tables first and if it will work you will come back to us :)
Nigel, 10-12-2019
What is the production capacity of the machines? I need to be able to produce 100 - 200 kg a day at peak so may well use 2 machines.We are being asked to supply fresh bait to other lakes in France where are based. Thanks
Hi Nigel, thanks for your question. If you mean BoilieRoller machines Maxi set can produce more than 100kg in a day if you will produce 18mm or bigger boilies. Maybe possible to produce more than 100kg/day 14mm boilies too but we didn't try. Just want to add if to use two dough guns your job goes quicker. PS. If you will see you need additional set to produce more you will can order it later :) Regards Eddie
Tony, 06-09-2019
Do you sell the dough mixer separately and if so what is the cost?
Hi Tony, sorry, but we don't sell dough mixers any more. Regards Eddie
Narjes, 31-08-2019
Can you please tell me where i have to send the product
Hi Narjes, our address you will find here http://topaslt.com Regards Eddie
Edda Eichler, 06-08-2019
Hallo! Sind Eure Boilieroller lebensmittelecht? Ich möchte Teigkugeln für den menschlichen Verzehr rollen. Schöne Grüße, Edda
Hi Edda, yes. You have to take a look at Boilie Lab FoodRollers. Regards Eddie
Miguel Del Rio Ruiz, 04-08-2019
Hola. puede trabajar con masa de barro arcilla? dispone de una maquina para hacer bolas de 30 milímetros? se puede fabricar diámetros inferiores con la misma maquina? puede pasar precio para maquina adecuada con cinta cortadora transportadora de masa entregada en España? pueden fabricar rulos con otras formas distintas a bola?
Hi Miguel, thanks for your message. Some people rolling pottery clay balls using Boilie Lab machines. How successful I don't know. For 30mm balls I recommend Boilie Lab PRO or Expert machines. You can risk to use Boilie Lab Advance, but bigger machine has more possibility to roll bigger balls. Yes you will can roll smaller balls but you will have to use an other rolls block for smaller balls. You will find all these machines in this our website. Just put some in to you shopping cart an in there select your country. Than you will see total price including VAT and shipping. Using Boilie Lab Advance/PRO/Expert machines you will can produce round balls, dumbells and pillows. PS. All our machines is designed to produce baits for fish. We not guaranty you will get nice balls, dumbells or pillows if you will use some an other dough. It is under your risk. Before buy please read our Terms and Conditions. Regards Eddie
Arnaud , 03-06-2019
Bonjour, Avez vous un tarif réservé aux professionnels ou une entreprise payes aussi le tarif public ?
Thanks Arnaud for your question. If your company has European VAT code your price will be about 20% less. It means without VAT.
Dominik, 01-04-2019
Hi, Will there be boilie roller 12mm or 10mm in future? Kind regards
Hi Dominik, thanks for your question. For now these sizes is not in our plans, but maybe in the future :) Regards Eddie
Alzhol, 01-04-2019
Hi, I would like to order boilie machine. Could you write your Whatsapp number please?
Hi Alzhol, you don't need our Whatsapp number to order something. Just do it in this our website :) Regards Eddie
Daniel Carter, 21-02-2019
Hi I’m looking to buy the 14mm Boilie Roller + gear motor what is the delivery time on this please?
Hi Daniel, thanks for your message. We have everything in stock. Shipping in next day after we will get your payment. Shipping to UK with TNT will take about 5-7 days. Regards Eddie
Jack Ragland , 16-02-2019
I have a boilie roller 20mm Having trouble with it only producing dumbbells. Any ideals what could be wrong?
Hi Jack, you just need to use bigger nozzle. Regards Eddie
Stefan, 17-01-2019
Hello, I would like to ask some questions about Boilie making machine "BoilieRoller". Can it make boilies from very dense boilie base mix? Do you send your products to Slovakia, and how much does the shipping cost? Thank you for reply. Best regards Stefan
Hi Stefan, thanks for your questions. The BoilieRoller is designed to make boilies from traditional mixes for boilies. If the consistence of your mix will be correct you will produce very nice boilies. Yes, we send our products to all the World. And shipping price you can see when you will put what you want to your shopping cart and in there will choose your country. Regards Eddie
Данияр , 13-01-2019
Здравствуйте!. Хотел узнать, сколько будет стоить доставка в Казахстан, Алматы. "BoilieRoller Maxi".
Здраствуйте Данияр, спосибо за вопрос. Я вижу в TNT цена доставки 330 евро и я думою что это дорого. Через почту думою будет около 150 евро. С Уважением Едди
Nuno, 03-01-2019
Hi, my name is Nuno and I´m working in spain, my company "Pastry Factory" does mini balls of chocolate, we are very interested in buying of one of yours machines, but we would like to send you some samples of ours chocolate, so that you can test them before we buy any machine, do you think that this is posible? My best regards Nuno Florido
Hi Nuno, thanks for your message. We already tested to roll some chocolate and we know BoilieRoller machines not rolling dough like this. Boilie Lab machines can roll it. But small Boilie Lab machine have less possibility to roll chocolate. Big Boilie Lab Expert machine rolls nearly every this type of dough. Of course possible will be need to correct consistence of your dough but Boilie Lab Expert FoodRoller rolls nearly all types of these dough. Regards Eddie
David, 25-12-2018
Hi, will be available the Dough mixer again? Or is it possible to get it from some of your local dealers? Thanks for reply.
Hi David, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately no :(
ОлегПоддубный, 25-11-2018
Спасибо огромное. Все на высшем уровне. Качество оборудования, срок доставки. Отдельно спасибо Андрею за терпение и понимание Олег Караганда
Спосибо Олег за красивый коментарий. И незачто :) Это наша работа :) С Уважением Едди
Customer, 17-11-2018
Ok, Thanks for the reply, in 2019, I can find you at Carp Zwolle? Kind regards, Tino.
Yes Tino. We planing to be there.
Customer, 17-11-2018
Question, sale, price before the sale €330,- + €20,- too/ in EU! Now, €300,- + €50,-, can you explain this? Kind regards!
Hi Customer :), the manual BoilieRoller in our website before sale cost €330 + €50 shipping to AT, DE, BE, NL, FR, UK. To more far countries like GR or IRL cost €60 or even €70. With Christmas sale manual BoilieRoller cost €300 + the same shipping. Shipping price regulate TNT. I don't know where you got €20 shipping price. Possible inside some country where we have a dealer shipping price can be €20 but than you have to order BoilieRoller machine there. Regards Eddie
Ivan Wuyts , 11-11-2018
Hello. When i buy 2 full machines 20mm.and 14mm is it possible to send it to belguim. ? And what can i do when something brokes at te machine ?
Hi Ivan, thanks for your post. Yes, we send our products everywhere. If something will happened with machines you will contact us and we will help to resolve your problem. Regards Eddie
Oliver opie, 18-08-2018
Thanks a lot Eddie for a great machine really well packaged and arrived earlier than it should have done good quality , in all on really happy . And I will be using you again in the future so that my business can grow.
Thanks Oliver for nice comment :)
Marcelo, 14-08-2018
Hola, nos interesa el conjunto Boilie Roller MAXI para producir bolitas energéticas para consumo humano. Con una salchicha de 20 mm, de que diámetro quedará la bolita? Idealmente necesito bolitas de 24 mm de diámetro pero no sé si tienes rodillos para esa medida.
Hi Marcelo, thanks for your question. Right now we working on 24mm BoilieRoller. So, we hope in few weeks time we will have them in stock. The sausage diameter for 24mm ball can be around 19-21mm. Just I'm not sure the BoilieRoller can roll energy balls or not. If you will order machine it will be under your risk. Please read our Terms and Conditions. By the way I recommend to order just machine in first place and if it will works to order an other stuff. Also right now we working on an other machine specially for hard dough like chocolate or something like dough to produce energy balls. We still not happy how it works, but we doing some changes and I hope we will find the best solution and will present new type machine for hard dough. Regards Eddie
Jason, 07-07-2018
Hello, I am using your Boilie Lab to produce Protein Bites in the US but sometimes my dough is too tough to be processed by the Boilie Lab quickly. Would you mind explaining how the Boilie Pro turns the dough into spheres more quickly than the Boilie Lab? What other differences are there between the Boilie Lab and the Boilie Pro? Very interested to hear if the Boilie Pro will speed up my process.
Hi Jason , first I want to let you know that we not recommend to use Boilie Lab small 3 roller machine for human food production as machine's body material are not meant to be used in human food processing. Rolls is OK. Food Roller series bodies is made from different material and there is too many differences to count them all. Bigger machine like PRO or Expert have bigger rolls and of course working quicker. Boilie Lab Expert machine eats all hard dough without any problems. PRO machine is in the middle between Advance and Expert and much quicker than your small Boilie Lab. PS. We also working on not big and not too expensive balls rolling machine which will roll just hard dough like yours. Technically this machine must resolve all problems for energy and chocolate balls producers. I hope when we will do tests of the machine it will work like we planning :) Regards Eddie
Andrew David Dainty, 09-05-2018
Me and my father have been rolling baits for decades using conventional rolling tables. We have just bought our first machine from Boilieroller, and I have to say, we are most impressed with the service and quality of the machine. This makes our passion for making baits at home so much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend!
Thanks Andrew for your nice comment :)
Michael strowger, 07-05-2018
Hi if I order a 18mm roller and gun out a 16mm sausage will the machine roll a 16mm chop also can't find a contact number to order anything. Many thanks Michael strowger
Hi Michael, thanks for your question. If you want to produce 18mm boilies using 18mm BoilieRoller the sausage has to be around 15 mm. Can be bit smaller or bigger depends from softness of your dough. If you want to get dumbells you will have tu use smaller sausages. Regards Eddie
Karl, 03-04-2018
Hi Eddie I received my machines to day I have only managed to do a test roll on the 18mm I have to say I’m very impressed so far I will give another review when I manage time to do a few kg thank you for a great service Karl byrne
Kamlesh , 31-03-2018
I need 200 mm in length and diameter 10 mm for my product
Hi Kamlesh, about what product you talking? By the way all our machines is in "Products" page.
Bruno Sales, 04-03-2018
Hi Eddie, I saw your videos of when you test your machine with different doughs. What machine would you recommend for a dough with dates which is very sticky? Does the machine come with tool you use to do the sausage? Best Regards, Bruno
Hi Bruno, thanks for your email. To roll date balls I recommend Boilie Lab machines. Bigger and of course more expensive machine will have more possibility to roll nice balls from dates if the dough is not too sticky. But anyway we can't guaranty they will roll your dough. If you can roll them using boilie tables Boilie Lab machines probably also will roll it. Dough gun need to order separate.
gijs waelkens, 09-01-2018
hey, first of all you're products are amazing, and now i want to order the boillieroller maxi set but each thime i fill in my order information and press on the confirm button i get a popup on my screen saying in have to fill in every field but every field is filled in please can you help me i realy need to order the maxi set thnx
Hi Gijs, thanks for your nice comment. When you fill up the order form you have to write minimum 5 symbols in the field. Sometimes people have very short name or poste code and website's registration system "shouting" - "Please fill up all fields". So, you have just after your symbols to add couple empty symbols like "space" and everything will work.
Tim , 08-01-2018
Hi Eddie, have you any defect 14 mm boillie machine for sale , I already got the 18mm so I just need the machine on it’s own ? Tim
Unfortunately not at the moment Tim.
Ryan, 29-12-2017
Hi what size nylon rollers do you use in your two roller machines would it be 100mm Also what is the advantage of the 3 roller system over the 2 roller.
Hi Ryan, the smallest Boilie Lab machine has 3 D70mm rolls. Boilie Lab Advance has 2 D130mm rolls. Boilie Lab PRO 2 D150mm rolls. Boilie Lab Expert 2 D200mm rolls. Smaller rolls mean cheaper machine. If to use just 2 small rolls the quality of the boilies will be not good. So why the smallest machine has 3 rolls. It means double rolling.
Kamal, 28-12-2017
Can I order 15mm? 14mm is too small for my purpose. If it is possible what is the price like? Thank you
Hi Kamal, unfortunately we producing just 14, 18 and 20 mm BoilieRollers. Also you can choose 14 or 16 mm Boilie Lab machine.
Kamal, 15-12-2017
Hello. Do you have 14mm manual boilie roller available? For your information, I am manufacturing traditional medicine in Malaysia and am interested to purchase boilie roller machine to roll my medicine. 2. If I want to produce 14mm round medicine what size nozzle should I use? Thank you.
Hi Kamal, we always have BoilieRollers in stock and already precutted nozzle is in the set with machine :) Hole size about 11-12mm.
Raymond, 10-12-2017
Very interesting product. Do you know whether it will work with chocolates - specifically, making ganache balls? I suspect that the stiffness and temperature of the "dough" will have an impact. But, do you have any insight?
Hi Raymond, thanks to your message. Please take a look at these videos, may it will give you some info: Chocolate balls Date balls 1 Date balls 2
Andre, 07-12-2017
How much pressure should be used for dough gun 4kg
Hi Andre, the pressure for dough gun you have to regulate depends how big speed of sausage you need. For softer dough maybe enough 2 bars and for harder maybe will be need 6 bars. Yourself have to decide how quick the sausage will goes out from nozzle.
Сергей, 16-11-2017
Здравствуйте! Подскажите пожалуйста какая ваша машина катает поп-ап бойлы из фирменных смесей?
Здраствуйте Сергей, и BoilieRoller и Boilie Lab может катать попики.
Александр, 22-10-2017
Можно ли у вас заказать отдельно валы 20мм на машинку Boilie Lab
Извините Александр, но нет. Покупайте всю машинку.
james, 14-10-2017
is sausage gun body made of stainless steel? can this product and Boilie Lab" 3 rolls boilie machines be used for other food for human? will it pass FDA in US? thank you
Hi James, the body of sausage gun is made from aluminium. White color materials from which is made Boilie Lab machines can be used to produce human food. For special order we can produce machine body from white plastic too and the machine will be calling Food Roller.
Simon Bennett, 11-10-2017
Good evening, are you able to buy different sized rollers for the Boillie Lab? Kind Regards
Hi Simon, for Boilie Lab Advance, PRO and Expert you can order separate rolls blocks. In simple Boilie Lab machine where is 3 rolls, the rolls is not changeable.
Marcelo, 10-09-2017
Hola, puede si máquina trabajar con una masa de frutos secos, frutas deshidratadas y semillas? La misma tiene una textura similar a la que veo en sus vídeos. Envían a Argentina?
Hi Marcelo, we didn't try dough exact like yours, but if you say your dough is similar like in our video maybe our machines will roll it. But anyway it is under your risk. We can't guaranty for all dough in the world. Yes, we send it to Argentina too.
Александр , 07-08-2017
Добрый день, а у вас можно заказать валы отдельно длиной 560×150мм по типу boilie lab pro?
Ответ в емайле.
Alejandro , 21-06-2017
good afternoon does the machine work with a cheese ball mass?
Sorry Alejandro it not rolling cheese balls. We already tried it.
Alejandro, 21-06-2017
i have a question, this product can send to Puerto Rico?
Mike, 20-05-2017
I found "35mm XXL MAMMUT Boilieroller Carp Rolling Table" on eBay, but they will not ship to the US. Is this your product? If not, do you know the manufacturer? I would like to import. Thanks, Mike
Hi Mike, these rollers is not our product. In ebay I also found even few sellers of it and probably some of them any way will send it to USA. I already sent few links to these rollers to your email.
Tim, 27-04-2017
That's great , do I order straight from you ?
Yes Tim. You can order straight from here.
Tim , 27-04-2017
Hi, are you making a 14 mm roller now ?
Yes Tim.
Alan , 20-04-2017
Hi how do I go about ordering a custom build sausage cutter? As I have made my own machine. Does the price change if I'm vat registered? Thanks
Hi Alan, your price will be without VAT. Also you will get an email from us about the cutter.
Sylvester, 17-03-2017
Hello guys i am looking for a full set of boilie making machine do you have delivery in South Africa?
Yes Sylvester. We shipping by TNT to all the world.
julian , 11-03-2017
Hi, bought the 18mm boilieroller maxi set last year and its great, made lots of boilies, we have just tried to use the pellet maker for the first time and the screw thread is slightly different and will not screw on to the sausage gun, please help, thanks julian
Hi Julian, thanks for your comment and we are sure we will resolve this problem. I just want to ask can you send to us your dough gun's tube and pellets maker? After we will sent your tube with correct pellets maker back to you. Sorry for that. It is our mistake.
Lee , 04-03-2017
I've just bought the speed adjustable docking station for the boilie lab and you like to thanks Eddie and the team for making my job a lot easier fantastic bit of kit thanks again
Thanks Lee for nice comment :)
Jim wocha, 09-02-2017
Hi guys. Looking at one of your basic rollers. Do you have a distributor in the UK?
Try to contact to WLB baits from our dealers list. It is in "Contacts" page.
Christoph, 01-02-2017
I'v bought a 20mm BoilieRoller last year and I'm also very happy with it. My question is: is it possible to buy a 28mm or 30mm version of the BoilieRoller sometime? best regards
Sorry but this size for now is possible just on Boilie Lab boilie machines.
Gracias por su atención, 24-01-2017
Puedo comprar acá en chile
You have to order what you want in our website and we will send it out to you.
Alejandro, 18-01-2017
This item can shipped to Puerto Rico?
Yes, of course :)
Keith Mead, 02-01-2017
Gave myself a Christmas present and purchased a boilie roller. Super piece of kit. Well made and works really well. Very happy with it. Almost makes bait making a pleasure!
Thanks for so nice comment Keith :)
алексей, 08-11-2016
Здравствуйте. Подскажите пожалуйста когда появится 14 мм машина?
Здраствуйте Алексей, мы планируем иметь 14 мм BoilieRoller к сезону 2017 года.
vane, 17-05-2016
Me and my firend Robi Vinter allready have two of them 18mm and 20mm and we are very very satisfied with them, we want as soon as possible order a 14mm and 24mm, if there are any posibilites to make that happen in short time period? Happy customers Vane and Robi
Thanks for your nice comment Vane :) An other sizes will be later. Of course we want to start to produce it quick how it is possible.
Mićko, 06-04-2016
Hello.. is that price including delivery in Germany? Thank's
Hi Mićko. The price with delivery you can see when you are in your cart and you will select your country. Also you can contact our dealers in Germany.
Tim, 27-03-2016
Hi Eddie what size air compressor do you recommend for the boillieroller
Hi Tim, thanks for your question. You can use any even cheap compressor for 110-130V / 220-240V power with couple gallons / liters size of air tank.
Votre nom, 01-03-2016
Yo suelo pescar mucho en el pannato de los hurones cerca de Ubrique,hayi salen contaos o sea muy pocos barbos de mas de 5 kilos pero los hay porque el que se arriesga a pescar de noche o con cangrejos o peces muertos cogen barbos muy grandes,el problema son los barbos pequef1os que no dejan comer a los grandes.bffuncionarian los boilies de 30 mm o mas grandes?.
Sorry, but I don't speak in Spanish :(
Tom, 20-01-2016
How many Kg can it pump out an hour ?
:) Of course Tom, it depends how strong is your pomp :) I mean compressor. Also depends how quick you are when upload your dough gun. Normally BoilieRoller and Boilie Lab is quick enough to produce lot of boilies :)
Mark Thomas, 02-01-2016
Hi, I've been using the 18mm machine in 2015 and rolled 100k of bait. It's brilliant, with the motor it's very very quick. Will the motor fit the 20mm machine?
Hi Mark, thanks for your nice comment :) Yes, all our stuff like gear motors, doesn't matter it is 12V or 230V, cutting units for BoilieRoller or dough guns will be useful for all sizes of BoilieRollers. Also motors and dough guns is useful for Boilie Lab boilie machines. The cutting units for BoilieRollers and Boilie Lab is different. By the way Happy New Year for all of you guys :)
dan, 09-12-2015
Hi, nice looking machine, any idea when you will be making a 14mm model?
Thanks Dan. Just it is not just good looking, but also good working machine :) At the moment we working on 20mm BoilieRoller. The next size will be 14mm and today is difficult to say when. Take a look at Boilie Lab 14mm.
dear sir , could you please can tell me if in usa can i buy your wonderfull machine i´m from mexico ,and live near de border, if ist necesary , i´ll go to cross de border to buy one. I APPRECIATE YOUR FEED BACK BEST REGARDS DANIEL
Hi Daniel, thanks for your question. The nearest our dealers from you is in Oklahoma, South Carolina and in Ontario (Canada). So, it is so far from Mexico border. I think the best if you will order what you want from these our dealers or straight from us. Regards Eddie
Tim , 25-11-2015
Hi, I been having problems getting my boillies round , I done what you said about taking bit off the nozzle but still not round boillies , do you think it could be my base mix as I use emp bird food in my mixes and it's got a lot of hemp in it , thanks Tim
Hi Tim, it is very difficult to say is good your mix or not just from words. The expert of mixes I know is Anthony Wood. You can find him in facebook. He owns HomeMadeBoilies page. You can ask him how to make you mix better. But if your boilies looks more like dumbbells than round,- the sausage looks is too small. If your boilies looks more like eggs and even have a hole in the center,- your sausage probably is too big. Please take a look at this video, here is showed how to make super round boilies: https://youtu.be/-9oEDg0gnW4
Tim, 22-11-2015
Hi I used my boillie machine to day for the first time ,it's a very good machine but when I put the base mix through the 18m nozzle it came with, they came out as Dumbbells , do I need a bigger nozzle or smaller. Thank you
Yes Tim, you have to make the hole in nozzle little bit bigger. Try not to cut the nozzle, but just bit to take out the inside edge and sausage will become bit bigger.
Buland Singh, 27-10-2015
dear sir i get your email thanks for asking your boll maker is very good and dough gun is working good your are a good maker thanks agian to help me
Hi Buland, thanks for your good comment. Good luck :)
graeme,, 07-10-2015
Hi the new Boilie Lab looks the nuts but to much money for home rolling. Boilie Roller best price. When will you make a 16mm Boilie Roller? I am waiting in anticipation have the money ready LOL PS keep the good stuff coming guys your stuff is the nuts (number one)
Thanks Graeme for super comment :) Yes, you are right. The Boilie Lab is really not cheap. It is because there is lot of tooling work and this machine can make tons of super round boilies including pop ups and dumbells. About another sizes,- all south European countries screaming about 20 and 24mm. Britain asking 14 and 16mm. Now we working on 20mm BoilieRoller. The next size in our plan is 14mm. Later 24 and 16mm. It going so slow because we still don't have a serious investor :(
Dinh, 26-09-2015
I am looking for 24mm-26mm. Any suggestion.
Thanks Dinh for your question. In the future we planing to produce 24mm BoilieRollers, but at the moment we can recommend Boilie Lab 24mm boilie machine. If you want it, just write to us an email to info@boilieroller.com
Pavel, 24-09-2015
Hello! Intetesuet BoilieRoller- machine for the production of boilies , 18 mm. can you do machine for the diameter Boilie of 20mm ? How to buy from Ukraine .
In few month time 20mm BoilieRollers will be in our stock. To buy simple. Like for everyone in Europe or in the world :) You can buy it in our website.
Tim, 18-09-2015
Hi can I buy one with a 14mm roller ,
Sorry Tim, at the moment just 18mm. After couple month 20mm. 14mm later.
Artem, 31-08-2015
good day! possible delivery to Russia? there are 14mm or 16mm diameter?
Yes. At the moment just 18 mm, but we working on 20 mm BoilieRoller.
Briddi, 25-05-2015
Hallo. Wird es bald auch Maschinen für größere Boilies geben 22, 24, 26mm....... Danke Weiter so Gruß aus Deutschland
Thanks for message from Germany :) At the moment we working on 20mm BoilieRoller. Bit later will be 14mm and after this 24mm.
Ivan, 07-05-2015
Hi Guys, Very nice staff. Do you sending it to Brazil, Sao Paulo and if yes what will be the price. Cheers
Hi Ivan, thanks for nice comment :) Yes, we sending it to everywhere. Just cost it not cheap. Manual BoilieRoller delivery to Brasil cost 140 €.. We using TNT service. Just go to "Products" and buy it :)
Don from Australia, 08-04-2015
G'day from down under. great rolling machine mate. Do you or have you sent any to Australia? If you do or have can you tell me what postage would be as your website does not allow me to find out. Cheers.
Hi mate, thanks for nice comment. Yes, we sent it to Australia too. Manual BoilieRoller delivery to Australia cost 160 euro, MINI / MAXI set 260 euro.
Augis, 07-04-2015
Kokios galios kompresorius naudojamas prie automatizuotos boilie roller sistemos? Koks apytiksliai šios sistemos našumas kilogramais per valandą darbo?
Kompresoriaus nereikia labai galingo. Aš naudoju nedidelį ir be oro rezervuaro. Charakteristikoje rašoma, kad jis įpučia 8bar, bet realiai įpučia apie 3bar. Tad manau, kad su bet kuriuo mažu 230V kompresoriumi su rezervuaru sistema be problemų veiks. Našumas priklauso nuo kompresoriaus. Sakysim 8kg švirkštą mašina gali "suvalgyti" per keletą minučių. MAXI rinkinys tinkamas labiau boilių fabrikėliams, MINI - paprastiems vartotojams. Bet jeigu planuojate gamintis <50kg rekomenduočiau tik rankinę versiją.
steve belgique, 05-02-2015
bonjour, faites vous encore des machines complète si oui, avez vous du diamètre 20mm. et a combien ça reviendrais merci d'avance pour votre réponse.
Thanks Steve for your comment, we planing to have next sizes 14 and 20 mm soon how it is possible. If everything will goes by plan, I hope so in spring time.
Tiaan Kruger , 03-02-2015
Hello. I received my boilie roller yesterday, I'm struggeling to get the boilies perfectly round. They round with flat spots on each side. Is there any ideas, tips you can give met to solve this problem? I surly can be the fist person to experience this. Please olease any help would be great.
No stress Tiaan, just cut down end of nozzle for at least 1 mm and if there will be progress start cut end by step of 0.5mm till he achieves roundness (note after that cutting, that end will be suitable only for that mix ) on normal mix there will be huge hole in the middle. An other thing about forming, if boilies will starts looks like eggs, thats meat that sausage diameter is too big. All cutting in best operation must be made by step of 0.3mm depending on the result. An another thing is about consistence of your mix. Without bigger particles in your mix, sausage becomes like rubber and to form really round boilies is nearly impossible. Tiaan, you will get an email from mix master with tips about mixes.
Roland, 21-12-2014
Hallo, schicken sie auch nach Deutschland ???
Ja :)
BoilieRoller, 04-12-2014
Some review of BoilieRoller
BoilieRoller, 10-10-2014
How to clean up BoilieRoller: http://youtu.be/2weHKHWNkEI
BoilieRoller, 21-08-2014
Video of fully automated BoilieRoller: http://youtu.be/4jlGyRcdt1U
JON THOMAS, 07-08-2014
very good video ,is their a date for a 14mm ,roller or 16mm price in pounds sterling ?
Hi Jon, at the moment is difficult to say when will be made an other sizes. On the drawings we already have it, but to start to produce it cost so big investment. When we will know it, we will inform in here and facebook.
Karsten Maier, 06-08-2014
Hello Eddie, the Boilie Roller is super awesome. I am very happy with the product and would buy it again immediately. I'm glad to have the Boilie Roller + engine. I recommend everyone this machine for his own use. I'm just waiting on the autimatik cutters;-) and Hopefully there will be a team Boilie Roller-Germany. Thanks a lot Germany, Karsten Order # 69
Thanks Karsten. We are double happy, when our customers is happy :)
Guntis, 05-08-2014
Boilie roller automatic or manual cutting unit ... its all up to you... future info at www.boilieroller.com Note: this unit is prototype video link: http://youtu.be/hGbMe7BoLXo
Djordje Vejnovic, 30-07-2014
I am very excited on yours product , do you have dealer in Slovenija or Croatia , Serbija ?
Hi Djordje, thanks for your question. At the moment we discussing with some people about dealership in ex Yugoslavia. But till we will make a deal with them you can buy the BoilieRoller straight from our webpage.
Bpatel, 20-07-2014
Eddie, Do you have 16mm dia roller machine in stock? I want it to ship to USA with 110V motor.What will be total cost including shipping to NJ and how soon it can be shipped?
Hi, thanks for your question. Sorry, but here we have two problems. At the moment we producing just 18mm BoilieRollers and at the moment we have just 230V power motors :(
Lorenzo USA, 16-07-2014
Would you ship it in the USA? nothing like it in here
I will give your email to our friends in USA.
Tom, 22-06-2014
Hello, indulge in France? I would like to buy une.quels diameters are available please? thank you
Hi Tom, you can buy this from our website. Diameter 18mm
Uldis, 19-06-2014
Hello Eddie I want to say when Boilie Roller is an ideal machine simple. thank you Uldis Latvia
Thanks Uldis, For us your comments are like honey to a bear :)
tom, 11-06-2014
Many thanks for your speedy reply. How long dose it take from ordering to delivery in uk roughly kind regards tom
We send our products on Fridays, so if we receive your payment before Friday, we can send it on Friday by TNT. TNT will need about 1 week to get it to you.
tom, 11-06-2014
Hi how much is the 18mm boilieroller in Stirling pounds & delivery to uk. Just watch video & I'm very very impressed with what I saw & have been waiting for some body to produce them & sell them at Dutch a good price kind regards tom
Thanks for your kind comments. We are happy. For the price, please see the products section.
andy, 04-06-2014
hello i was well impressed with your boilie roller just a couple of questions..do you sell the motors..and also do you sell auto cutters to fit the machines..if not will you be making auto cutters in the future? thank you very much!! :)
Thanks Andy for your kind comments. We have plans to sell motors. They will be 230V made especially for BoilieRollers. The Supplier is late, but I hope we can see it in July. At the moment, we are not planning to make any special cutters, but in the future maybe we will :)
wally, 30-05-2014
Hi can you give me a price on yours boilie rollers.16mm and up please.thx
Please check your email.
Evaldas, 09-05-2014
Labas, mane domintu boilem masina 18mm. Kokia kaina butu su varikliu ir be jo? Aciu
Viešai urminės kainos dar nenoriu skelbti, kadangi tiksli kaina bus žinoma, kai gausiu visas sudedamasias dalis ir mašinėlės jau bus paruoštos prekybai. Galiu pasakyti tik, kad užsisakius ją mūsų svetainėje iki BoilieRoller pristatymo, gausite mašinėlę urmine kaina. Vėliau urminė kaina bus taikoma tik dileriams, o pavieniams pirkėjams BoilieRoller'is kainuos apie 250-270 eurų. Į Lietuvą +PVM.
Benjamin, 25-04-2014
Hi, how much is the wholesale price? i`m realy interessted in the machine, but surely do not order without to know what the costs are. would be nice to get an answer. what will be the "normal" price, how much savings would i have? thx benjamin
Hi Benjamin, thanks for your questions. Do not worry and trust us the wholesale price is really sweet :)
Marius, 04-04-2014
Sveiki.Mane domintu boiliu masinos (16mm) kaina.Be variklio ir su varikliu. Pagarbiai,Marius Druskininkai
Sveikas Mariau, bėda ta, kad artimiausiu metu neplanuojame gaminti 16 mm mašinėles. Kol kas tik 18 mm, vėliau 14 mm. Dar vėliau 20 mm.
Tom Notley, 31-03-2014
Hi just watched your film of the boilie roller 2014 was wondering how long till they are ready and also what will it cost? Thanks tom
Hi Tom, thanks for watching our video and asking :) We hope to make them ready for market about at May and guys, who will order them in our website till this time, will get it for wholesale price. Delivery will cost about 30-50 euro to Europe and about 50-70 euro to UK. Late we will try to sell them via dealers in most of European countries.
jason mahon, 31-03-2014
Please could you give me a price for the 2014 14mm boilie roller with and without motor with postage to the uk when you know thankyou
Hi Jason, thanks for your question, please check your email :)
BoilieRoller, 16-03-2014
The first test of 18 mm BoilieRoller 2014 http://youtu.be/VB4u3qYMsDE
Gav, 15-02-2014
can you send boilie roller to USA or have you some dealers in here? How much it cost?
Yes. We can send it everywhere. We have some guys from America who are ordered the new BoilieRollers to test it and maybe they will be our dealers in the future. We hope so :) The exactly price of machine and delivery is still unknown, because the new BoilieRoller is still under construction. The first test machine will be presented in May. Just make an order and you will get it for the best price.
FRKY , 19-01-2014
Hello anglers! I hereby would like to ask you one, if there is residual: The hand machine "Boilie Roller" for making boilies 12mm or already sold out? Can again re-order delivery? I want to order 1x hand machine, but how much they cost money? Thank you!
Sorry, but all machines made at 2013 is already sold. Price was 600 euro. But at the moment we are working on a new BoilieRoller model, which has to be 2 times cheaper without losing quality of the machine. If everything will go by plan, presentation of it has to be in spring time at 2014. Also it will be possible to buy a power motor specially designed for BoilieRoller. The first size will be 18mm, bit later 14mm. Everyone who will make orders on our website before the new BoilieRoller presentation, we will give it for wholesale price.
chris weeks, 08-01-2014
Excellent the best rolling machine ive had..very well engineered..cant wait for the 14mm version now.paid via paypal and was delivered really quickly...thanks eddie..email me or ring me when 14mm is ready..07908128359 thanks again.
Thanks Chris for impressive feedback :) You will be informed when 14mm BoilieRoller will be ready. It has to be much cheaper without losing quality of the machine.
m-khalili, 30-11-2013
hello sir, please help me. I want address and telephone boilie machine for sell
Hi, just write an email to info@boilieroller.com
Kevin, 27-02-2013
Thanks for perfect machine. Can you do 12 or 14mm?
Thank you Kevin for good comment :) About other sizes,- sorry, but not yet. Maybe in the future.
ebay user "ianted" from UK, 17-02-2013
This message we got from ebay.co.uk user "ianted" ( 293)-100% for Item #: 281031998328 (BoilieRoller): Dear edddie007, very happy with roller, just looking to mount motor to the drive, so its hands free, was looking for best speed so i know which motor to buy - ianted