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Electric cutting units

Electric cutting units
Electric cutting unitsElectric cutting unitsElectric cutting unitsElectric cutting unitsElectric cutting unitsElectric cutting units

This unique two-sided sausage cutter uses just 110-230V power. It does not need any air compressor. This cutting unit is also universal for sausage supply sides. It means that you can easily set it up to accept the sausage from either side of the cutter. The cutter cuts about 340-360mm length sausages. You can slightly regulate the sausage's length by moving photo sensor at the end of the cutter. You can also regulate the sensitivity of  the photo sensor. Sometimes it can be necessary if, for example, you are using dark or light coloured dough. The cutter has a dough gun's nozzle lock. You can regulate it to fit the size of the nozzle from ~8 to ~20 mm. Maximum size diameter of sausage for this cutter is ~20 mm (for 24mm boilies). The cutter works very softly and not aggressively.

The cutter's body and bumper are made from stainless steel.

Video - how it works

Video - presentation of the cutter

Video - how to set up a sensor

To produce 10mm boilies using cutter, necessary really hard dough. The sausage must reach back sensor to activate bumper to cut off the sausage. If your dough will not reach cutter's sensor, move sensor to get shorter sausage and use shorter bumper.

Video - how to work with 10mm BoilieRoller.

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